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leaders in gas process equipment engineering

Watson Process Systems

Mist Eliminators

Our mist eliminators efficiently remove dirty droplets from gas flow with no moving parts. Our wide selection of mist eliminators includes our flagship radial spin separators (HRT), as well as vane-type (Chevron) separators, high-efficiency ultra separators and rain-out systems.

Vortex Scrubbers

Our Watson Enhanced Vortex (WEV) scrubbers achieve a high scrubbing efficiency of particulates and acid gases using pressure drop technology. Our WEV scrubbers are energy efficient and require no moving parts.

Pulse Valves & Dust Collectors

Our wide selection of electromagnetic pulse valves include submerged, T-type diaphragm and low pressure pulse valves. We also supply complete dust collector systems using our pulse valve technology.

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40 years of technical excellence

We are leaders in gas process equipment engineering

Watson Process Systems (WPS) is widely known as a technically competent and reputable supplier of gas process equipment. We build our business on design excellence. We have a large variety of products and technologies all under one roof available to the global market.


Our Works

Our products and technologies are found on continents across the globe.


Watson products are used for the elimination of:
  • Process liquid carryover

  • Scrubber mist entrainment including FGD scrubbers

  • Protection of fan / blower from damage

  • "Dirty" process liquid carryover

  • Stack "rain-out"

By Process

  • Air handling

  • Air humidification

  • Air intakes

  • Evaporation processes

  • Flow straightener

  • Gas cooling

  • Paper making

  • Pulp making

  • Scrubber entrainment

  • Spray processes

  • Stack "rain-out"

  • Textiles

  • Vacuum coolers

By Industry

  • Automotive paint systems

  • Chemical plants

  • Food processing

  • Metallurgical works

  • Mineral processing

  • Petroleum refining

  • Power plants

  • Process industries

  • Pulp and paper mills

  • Scrubbers / air pollution control

  • Steel works

  • Textiles

  • Ventilation / HVAC

Some of our notable clients include:
  • ABB

  • Abitibi Consolidated

  • AMEC / Colt Engineering

  • Alcan Aluminum

  • Bowater Paper

  • Cameco (Eldorado Nuclear)

  • Canadian Forest Products

  • Casco (Corn Products)

  • Celgar

  • Cominco

  • Crestbrook Forest Industries

  • Dedert

  • Dow Chemical

  • Eurocan Pulp and Timber

  • Falconbridge

  • Fluid Quip Technologies

  • Ford

  • Howe Sound Pulp & Paper

  • Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting

  • Imperial Oil

  • Inco

  • Irving Paper

  • Laidlaw

  • MacMillan Bloedel

  • NELS

  • Noranda Minerals

  • Noranda Paper

  • Norske Canada

  • Pope & Talbot

  • Potash Corporation

  • PT Inco

  • Skeena Cellulose

  • Suncor

  • Syncrude Canada

  • Teck Cominco

  • Weyerhaeuser Canada

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Main office

Our main office is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

5511 Tomken Rd #202, Mississauga, ON L4W 3Y3